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Don't you


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Is there a new game on here that the rest of us haven't cottoned onto yet :shock::?: :


I'd like a job as a moderator please as I wouldn't lock or delete any topics.


I'd just edit all your posts and make it sound like you had typed nice things about each other. Now that would really annoy you :lol:

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What you edited their whole post to make it read the complete opposite to what they were saying ... :wink::lol:


Obs.... Is Peter actually editing all your posts and are you really a nice, thoughtful, caring, loving and non-argumentative person after all :lol::P

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I can't speak for the Thought Police - I'm still labouring under the illusion that we all have freedom of expression, however repugnant to some! :wink:


Freedom of expression or anarchy - a fine line!


Fascist or communist - sometimes when someone is so extreme to the left they almost go full circle and become extreme right! Another fine line.


New Labour/Old Tory - again spot the difference! :roll:

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