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George Sampson lights up Warrington


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Just got back from seeing (and interviewing) George Sampson in Warrington Town Centre (teaser on front page).

What a credit this young man is to Warrington and as I said to him, how refreshing it is to do a positive news story involving a teenager from Warrington!

Well done George you are a credit to our town - also a big well done to everyone involved in putting on the event which was a great way to start the festive season!

My 12-year-old daughter is now a big fan of daddy! :D

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Didn't your 12 year old like you before Gary :P


Well done George and like Gary says you are one cool dood and nice to see a youngter who is making something of their talents and being an inspiration to others :D


One question though.... It's only the 13th November so how come the Xmas lights have been switched on already. Is it always this early or am I just getting old and hoping to ignore the fact that it's nearly Xmas :shock:

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There was a TV prog about George on today (ITV 2 I think). Only caught a bit of it cos I had to go out but the young girlies really love him :D.


He was made up cos he was just about to switch the lights on in his home town for the Trafford Centre.


What a really nice kid and good luck to him... :D

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