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Fly Posting in Warrington!!

Geoffrey Settle

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Stickers like missing pets and local garage sales don?t annoy me one bit, in fact I think it?s perfectly acceptable provided of course they?re eventually taken down.


For me it?s the earn extra cash at home or loose weight now stickers that get right up my nose along with press releases claiming ?Council to get tough on fly posters.? :lol:


Just tell me your not pulling down missing pet stickers as well?


Bill :)

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It's probably ok in Stockton Heath after all the conservatives have put a large one of David Mowat up by the swing bridge. :lol:


Would you like me to take it down tomorrow when I have a spare few minutes :wink::lol: Must admit I've not noticed it but not been that way since Tuesday.


As for it being ok in Stockton Heath don't you believe it. I did get told off by a rather grumpy chap in a rather 'noticeable' type of car :wink: last year for putting a small local fund raising event poster on a lamp post :oops::lol: It wasn't a problem as I just stapled some to the trees around the corners and removed them all the day after the event :wink::D


How else are local people supposed to know what's happening 'locally' :P

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