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Labour Loses 3rd Safest seat


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According to UK Polling Report and published in today's Guardian, if the Glasgow East result were to be repeated in a General Election, just 20 Labour MPs would survive, many of them not well known, and all but one of the current Ministers would be gone. Interestingly Robert Wareing (17) has been deselected by Labour, so know doubt he is now fancying his chances as an Independent.


The survivors

1 Edward O'Hara Knowsley; 2 John Cummings Easington; 3 Peter Kilfoyle Liverpool Walton; 4 Jeff Ennis Barnsley East; 5 David Blunkett Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough; 6 Joe Benton, Bootle; 7 Chris Bryant Rhondda; 8 Don Touhig Islwyn; 9 Ian McCartney Makerfield; 10 Tom Clarke Coatbridge Chryston and Bellshill; 11 Ann Clwyd Cynon Valley; 12 Dennis Skinner Bolsover; 13 Chris Mullin Houghton and Sunderland South; 14 Yvette Cooper Normanton Pontefract and Castleford; 15 Dai Havard Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney; 16 Hywel Francis Aberavon; 17 Robert Wareing Liverpool West Derby; 18 John Healey Wentworth; 19 Huw Irranca-Davies Ogmore; 20 Frank Field Birkenhead

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Just shows you can do anything with projections based on stats! :lol: Had to laugh at the Tory comment on the by-election that "their share of the vote had held up"! :roll: With a first past the post system, share of the vote is a a meaningless phrase, and Scotland and indeed any deprived area in England will remain Tory free areas. :shock: The problem in England is getting old Labour voters to start voting for a socialist alternative to "NEW" Labour. :wink:

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