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Indy on Granada Reports this Wednesday.


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:P TMM, I don't know how too sulk... this latest TV feature was filmed today on location at the Roman Military site that Time Team failed to locate in the village but that I have now located ....

The finds made are exciting and already confirmed as Roman Military by several well known experts in the Northwest of England.... worth remembering though that it has taken me 10 years to finally pin the exact spot :o:o Thank god i didn't call it a day following the Time Team experience.. :biggrinbounce:

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:o Due to the death of GMPs top man and the hurricanes i'm not sure whether Granada will show my feature tonight or run it tomorrow.. suppose will just have to wait and see what happens


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Indi or do we call you Jim :D


Just watched your 'youtube' related film to the Granada news clip...




'Credit where credit's due'......It was really interesting and very well produced.. nice one. :D


Keep up the good work and I hope you find the final piece to the puzzle to prove that you were right all along :D

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My work is ongoing at this moment but the discovery that i have now made will have implications for the history of the area surrounding the village.


What I have found is stunning and amazing and will be revealed sometime in the near future. The artefacts are very rare and come from the Republic of Rome only to be deposited here....


This will be my 2nd Treasure Trove case in two years... :biggrinbounce:

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:roll: Dismayed, my own programme is a distinct possibility in the future from one source or another, the more people who phone or email Granada to say they enjoyed the feature then the more likely that Granada will do more in the future. Fred Talbot also believes that the public love the features that we do and he wants to do something more in the future but we need more feedback at Granada from yourself and others to do that. :angel:


ITV Granada

Quay St, Manchester, Lancashire M60 9EA

Tel: 0161 832 7211

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