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Covid jab ?

Observer II

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Anyone else having difficulty getting the jab ?    I received a written reminder from the NHS, for the "Spring" innoculation.    So I rang my GP to arrange for it, and was told they were running late due to insufficient stock of the vax.   I rang again, given that it supposed to be a Spring injection and we're nearly into Summer, and was basically told to contact the NHS to arrange.   Rang 119, started to talk to someone, who told me to wait, but then didn't continue the call. I'll try again, but I get the impression that the so-called roll out isn't rolling, and like most things organisational  nowadays it's a mess.     😠

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I’ve just taken my brother for his jab at a walk-in centre in Partington and he was told he didn’t need an appointment. He was in and out within two minutes and they even gave him a choice of vaccination types. The only downside was they’d run out of lollypops. 😊

A few of my friends have opted to not have the jab this time claiming they believe they’ve built up enough immunity. I reminded then that the last one that said that to me ended up dying from it.


Bill 😊

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i shall await agog to see if my doctors contacts me to book mine.

might be a letter, might be an email or most probably a text message.

where and when i am not to bothered about don't even care which vaccine they use as long as it does the job.

last time i got the flu and the covid jabs at the same time. i felt like a voodoo doll afterwards, got up next morning and looked a bit like one as well as both arms stiff and aching....🧟‍♂️


edit as i have just had a look on my doctors website and apparently i am too young for both the spring covid booster and the shingles jab as well. i guess i will have to wait a few more years if i survive that long...😷

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Had the covid jab, then went next door to the Gps surgery to bollock the receptionist,  who told me they were now providing jabs !    The bollocking went completely over her head, and she clearly didn't give a toss -  such is the state of our workforce today.     😠

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