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Eggs Benedict -

Observer II

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Bit of a cooking item for a change, anyone like eggs benedict ?    Having made some diatry changes recently,  I've turned to eggs, specifically - poached.   Having picked up the recipe on Youtube,! I've adopted the hack of poaching the egg in the microwave, in a cup of water.   Toast in the toaster, topped with a slice of ham.  But the most difficult part is the Hollandais sauce. The correct method require egg yoke to be stirred in a pan, over a pan of hot water, then adding tons of butter, to form a creamy sauce.  A delicious way to eat poached eggs for breakfast.  😉

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Sounds a bit too involved for me so I’ll stick to my scrambled egg on my toast. Wisk the egg up in a cup with a splash of milk and microwave it until it stops rising up. Scrape the black off the toast until golden brown, bit of butter then egg on top and tuck in. My only problem is that I usually forget to wash the cup out and end up getting a right rollicking from Mrs Green. ☹


Bill 😊

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I'm more of a cornflakes for breakfast person.

If you fancy a twist on scrambled eggs then add some extra matures grated cheddar to the mix.

not sure about microwave though as i tend to use a non-stick pan for scrambled eggs with a bit of butter or marge to help it along.

nice on a toasted barm or just with bread and butter as a light meal.

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