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Different approach ?

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It's being kept quiet, but a new strain of Covid is on the rise, and no mention of lockdowns, following the science with daily press conferences etc. Could the Gov have decided to brave this one out, simply because they can't afford another £400million, or because Sweden demonstrated that herd immunity is just as good as lockdowns ?   Either way, it seems we're heading for high mortality rates, which are already above average for some strange reason.  So like the Ukrainians, we'll be expanding our grave yards or using more gas in our crematoriums .     :rolleyes:

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If it was getting serious I’m sure we’d have heard about it on the news, in fact I have heard about it on telly so not exactly a cover up. My thoughts on this are that Covid viruses will always be around just like colds and flu. I did my shopping this morning and I guarantee that I breathed in some Covid bugs but in such small quantities that my immune system could deal with it and that’s probably the case with most people.

I believe that lockdown was the right thing to do at that time but knowing what we know now and given the small degree immunity we’ve all built up, I doubt we’ll see another lockdown any time soon.


Bill 😊

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