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Warrington DAB multiplex on-air


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The promised Warrington DAB radio multiplex, a low power one, came online yesterday and is currently broadcasting the following stations:

Ensemble Name   Channel Service Name Service ID Sub channel ID Codec Bitrate
Warrington   8B Cheshire'sMIX 56 CBF5 1 AAC+ 48
Warrington   8B Happy Radio UK CCF6 2 AAC+ 40
Warrington   8B HousePartyRadio C6C4 3 AAC+ 40
Warrington   8B Panacea Soul C4C4 4 AAC+ 48

All of these stations are using DAB+ which means that those of you with older DAB sets may not be able to receive them other than perhaps in the car. 

Cheshire's Mix 56 is the Former Lymm Radio which was featured in a story on Warrington Worldwide following a visit by Andy Carter and the Culture Secretary recently.

Radio Warrington only applied for the necessary licence on the 22nd of June this year so could be along later.


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I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a DAB radio, but it doesn’t sound as much fun as the old ones with their good old fashioned tuning dial, fading and crackling. I get my new car next month and that’s equipped with it and as long as it picks up Smooth Radio, Mrs Green will be happy.

We’ve certainly come a long way since the days of listening to Radio Luxemburg each evening.


Bill 😊

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think yourself lucky there bill we had to endure the shipping forecast. by the time i was seven i could recite all the shipping areas backwards....🤣

no idea why just that my gran liked to hear it for some odd reason. nowhere near the sea an das far as i am aware none of the family were fishermen in that respect.

never had a dab radio, plenty of standard ones and still have a few that i have come across that the late mrs sid squirreled away..

I actually found one tucked away behind a pile of boxes in the bedroom. imaging the shock i got when i turned it on and it was working. it had belonged to the father in law who passed away over thirteen years ago and had been sitting there since then with the same batteries in. i am surprised that they had not turned to that horrible goop by now.....🧼

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As mentioned in Gary's News Radio Warrington started today Warrington's Local Multiplex using DAB+ with 48kbits of capacity. It is a shame that older DAB radios will not be able to receive it. The change that has allowed availability is not DAB+ but low power DAB which allows lower transmission costs by being based on standard computer platforms using internet connections instead of expensive private circuits and using less expensive transmitter cards.

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