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Caravans on Driveways


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Have the rules on keeping caravans in a driveway changed or is it just my imagination as our road is beginning to look like a gipsy encampment.

I’ve noticed in the last few weeks, people having their garden lawns replaced with concrete flags in order to park their caravan on so this doesn’t seem to be a temporary thing?


Bill 😊

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Nah, they're all in Paddington House. 😄

I did a bit of Googling before I posted but couldn’t see anything that could explain this sudden increase. Maybe it’s something to do with the price being charged for storage that’s causing it rather than any rule change, who knows. For all the years I’ve lived here, people with vans have normally only had them on their drives for a day or so to clean and prepare them for a trip out but now they’re here full time. 

Doesn’t bother me too much but I know some of the other neighbours aren’t happy about it.


Bill 😊

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