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Seems according to the list of required occupations for immigration to the UK,  we have artists, architects (source history debunked, Youtube).  I've tried searching for the full list without success,  but I think artist alone is a good indicator of the woke joke that's being played, either by Gov or it's Civil Service on the British public.  I would argue that an "artist" under any circumstance, can't be described as an essential worker for the purpose of safeguarding the economic wellbeing of this Country, and is being used to increase immigration, especially from Africa.   😠

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I was an artist, but i don't drink these days.........🤦‍♂️

the thing about the  title "artist" is that it covers a very wide range of disciplines not just painters and sculpters but dancers, singers, actors even designers.

Architects, decent ones, will always be in demand and given some of the carbuncles in recent years we could do with some "basic" architects who can design houses that can be lived in rather than the minimum space stuff we seem to be building at present just to get more houses per square foot rather than houses that you can get at least a double bed and a wardrobe in the master bedroom without having to remove the windows first and walk about without stubbing your toe on either.

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Thanks Con -  well, not quite as bad as I thought, other than it refers to artists, which I don't view as essential to our economy - there's plenty strumming guitars in Town Centres or on the Tube.   Believe Gov are looking at clamping down on visas for foreign university students dependents.  If they're on a Graduate's course of less than a year, I don't see the need to bring families with them, wanting housing and school places. Whilst it's claimed they fund the University system,  it could be argued that these centres of woke development could be thinned out and education be focussed on science and technology, rather than the Mickey Mouse degrees.    :rolleyes:

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