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Coronation Protests


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Given we only have coronation celebrations lasting a couple of hours once or twice in our lifetimes I thought it was reasonable for the police to make a temporary exception to the rules governing protests. The police made it very clear from the outset that they’d try to prevent a small minority of protesters spoiling the public’s enjoyment on the day and those that argue that the law is the law and there can't be any exceptions are just selfish people who need a reality check. Only a handful of people were arrested then released without charge, but that probably happens hundreds of times each day so it’s really no big deal.

I reckon that the police should be praised for their actions on the day, give them a bloomin medal I’d say!


Bill 😊

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Agree with you Bill,  seems we've developed a culture of dictatorship by minority "activists",  trying to wreck the enjoyment of the majority;  and the Police action in this case showed how this problem should be dealt with imo; yet our woke Police leadership and liberal politicians are now criticising the police action.  :rolleyes:

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should have whacked em round the head with the truncheon and then charged them with damaging police property.

Honestly the easy option is to ask them if they are happy with king or not and if not then politely point out that they don't have to live here and there are plenty of countries that don't have a monarchy they could move to.

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