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Cash or Card?


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I’ve just been watching the production of the new King Charles bank notes on TV and was wondering how much use they’ll be if as we’re led to believe that the future will be cashless.

Up until covid, I rarely used card payments and even though I didn’t really believe the handling of cash represented a serious health threat, when most places started displaying signs saying they preferred card payments, like most others I switched over. These days, other than the odd coin machine or car wash, I hardly ever use cash and that ok, but I get increasingly concerned when the payment isn’t a straightforward card payment.

Take the case of parking meters or electric car charging points that now no longer accept coins and instead only accept payments via a specific mobile phone app. Ok if you only use meters in one specific area but there are upwards of 200 different companies doing this around the UK, each requiring a different app download and registration before they can be used.

The meter companies now don’t have to go around emptying meters, but the inconvenience has been transferred to the user and for me this isn’t progress.


Bill 😊

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on the very rare occasion that i go into town at the moment, i tend to park at the short stay car park. no card payment or phone payment available so far, just the guy in the booth handing out tickets and collecting the money.

had mrs sid at halton hospital for a pre op and there was no card or phone app that i was aware of so made sure that i had the right coins to pay for the parking.

keep getting mithered to use the mobile app for banking that my bank has. but the problem i see is that if my phone "goes astray" whilst i am out and about how do i pay for anything and also how do i cancel the details on the phone without a phone. i would not even to be able to get a round in at the pub.

one convenient thing about having cash is that you can easily see how much you have to spend, just open your purse or wallet and count the money. no having to spend ten minutes tapping this that and (deity or devil of your choice) knows what just to see if you can afford a triple machiato extra frothy double dip latte with a double twist in the pike position.

still i suppose it is the old horses for courses maxim pick the one that suits you sir.

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