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Nicola Bulley Mystery


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In the Nicola Bulley case, there was a lot of criticism over speculation and accusations being aired on social media which given the nature of some people was probably entirely justified.

Had this just been a standard missing person investigation, the police would no doubt have been praised rather than criticized, however the strange circumstances surrounding her disappearance together with the police’s seemingly instant assessment that she’d simply fallen into the river, led many to believe they either weren’t doing their job correctly or were deliberately withholding information.

They probably did know more than they were saying at the time, but by doing this, they created a mystery. Understandably the public picked up on this and before long we had the bizzar situation where the police seemed to be criticizing the public for tying to help. They do a difficult job, but I don’t think they help themselves in the way they routinely refuse to release information. Hopefully they’ll realize this when the report on their handling of this event is given.

The case might be closed but for many, myself included, the mystery still exists.


Bill 😊

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