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On 9/1/2022 at 2:56 PM, anthony said:

Thanks Gary, been a long time since I've been on here, it was a amazing opportunity and a amazing weekend working with a wonderful team. Roll on creamfeilds 2023

Wow - I am amzed you found the post and managed to log in and post! Nice to see an old "young" face back on the forum!

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No never actually joined the police, I have mainly worked in hospitality in kitchens, cafes and bars. But after how we were treated during and after COVID I have now moved and changed jobs, I’m working for a church now. In the furniture recycling shop, also I work in the church one day a week. 
(were not a stereotypical church building, we have just converted a old supermarket into a church, foodbank and family entertainment centre. Soon to have a fully kitted out catering kitchen ready for running causes and to enable us to expand the amount of people we can feed on Christmas Day (we currently feed about 80-90) but it will be so much easier with a kitchen)

also been invited to join the lifeboat by the coxswains 


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Well, that sounds like an admirable job you’re doing there Anthony. I have a friend who does a similar thing, and she says the rewards for doing such work far outweigh the poor wage. I’ve always believed though that if you can do a job that’s worthwhile and you actually enjoy doing then that’s the most important thing because money isn't the be all and end all in life.


Bill 😊

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