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I while back I got caught out by a dodgy internet add. I was lucky and managed to get my money back but no doubt the scammers made a small fortune. I’ve just spotted three more adds all appearing to be from different UK companies all with the same non-existent email and phone numbers. Here’s a link but they don’t stay about for long so this may not work.


What really miffs me off is that Google, despite what they claim, make it virtually impossible to report such adds as fake, I spent nearly an hour trying to find out how to report this and, in the end, just had to give up. If I can’t do it, then I’m sure others won’t be able to either. 🤬


Bill 😊

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did you google how report ads on google?

apparently they have a "report ad" form that you can access and fill in, though what hoops you have to jump through to complete the form i have no idea.

I had enough problems trying to fill in the E-consult form the other day.

"do you have photo id?" er no i am on a computer

"can you prove who you are" er how?

plus a few other questions that ended up with it informing me to contact my gp to get the details i needed to fill in the e-consult form to contact my gp AAARRRGGGHHH

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Things are getting bad Sid when the computer has to ask if you’re a human.  

I did Goole how to report a fake add and as usual with the online companies, lots of fine well-chosen words but after over an hour of trying, I still couldn’t find anything that matched anything they were saying.

Given the number of fake companies ripping people off these days, what’s wrong with having a simple report button? At the end of the day this is criminal activity, and we shouldn’t have to spend an hour looking up how to report it.


Bill 😊

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