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Warrington Oktoberfest


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Delighted to say we will be one of the pint glass sponsors at this year's Oktoberfest - and as such we get 35 free tickets to give out to our readers/advertisers/supporters

Most of you on here have been a loyal bunch for many years - so if you fancy free entry on me - and maybe a pint if you are really lucky - put your name below and tell me why you deserve to be my guest :)

Please don't tell Tara's Dad! :rolleyes:

This is the events Silver Jubilee!

Oktoberfest 25

October 13th to 15th 2022

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I’ll give it a go this year but put me at the end of the list if there is one because I don’t mind paying while it’s for a good cause.

Why do I deserve one? Well, I don’t, but if I don’t get one I may have to reveal all about the other woman and the blackmail attempt, not to mention that episode with the sheep. 😉

Enjoy your break away.


Bill 😊

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Much as i would like to find out about the sheep incident ....🤫

Sadly circumstances prevent my attendance, this getting old lark is a buggeration at the moment, more bits not working than a scrapyard tractor.

Also my tolerance for alcohol above the pint of shandy level is nil.

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