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Who's fault ?

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Sure we've all been bombarded with the news from La La Land,   where the superficial antics of the woke elite abound; with the Will Smith slapping incident.   Looking at the various camera shots,  I noticed that Will Smith laughed at the original GI Jane joke, but clearly his wife didn't, which seems to have prompted his resort to violence.  The poor guy no doubt questions his self worth in the light of revelations about his wife's preference for an open marriage, but doesn't seem able to ditch her an escape her toxic influence.   His predicament reminds me of Prince Harry.      :rolleyes:

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handbags at twenty paces....had he really connected with that slap the other guy would not have just laughed it off.

a slap in the face hurts no matter who you are..... still it gives people a reminder that the actors are getting their annual pat on the back for doing their jobs well.🤦‍♀️

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Each to their own Obs as beyond the hype and the glamor of being a celebrity, they’re just the same as anyone else and poking fun at them as Will Smith rightly pointed out is still hurtful. Ok so maybe he did overreact but at least the man has accepted the fact that what he did was wrong and is prepared to also accept the consequences.

Personally, I think some of todays stand up comedians can go a bit too far in turning insults into jokes then hiding behind the label of comedy or satire. Maybe that particular guy might think twice now before saying something similar again.


Bill 😊

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