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Snowflake MPs ?

Observer II

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What a pathetic bunch of snowflakes have the "red wall" Tory MPs proven to be.   What did they expect the term "whip" to mean ?  Now some are trying to involve the Police in arguments of blackmail;  isn't that what whips do,  to get "the vote" right, by any means. ?     Instead of focusing on the policies that got them elected, all we seem to have is a bunch of naive wimps desperately trying to preserve a career in politics on £80K pa.   😠

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Looks like the Tories are suffering death by a thousand cuts, as disaffected wimps pile into the farce. The latest being a Muslim Woman MP, who's claiming (surprise) that she was sacked from her Ministerial position "because she was a Muslim", race card played .  Frankly, in the PC politics of today, I can't imagine anyone thinking it, let alone saying it - no love, you were sacked because in the opinion of your seniors, you weren't good enough - get over it.   Far from going soft on these people, they need to understand that in Party politics solidarity, or at least the appearance of it, is essential; divided Parties usually get rejected by electors.  With illegal immigration set to increase even more this year, and HO attempts to hide the daily figures, Patel has clearly lost the plot. If it's possible, they need  a Leader worthy of the title, who will drive policies through to sort issues out, like leaving the ECHR, revising HR legislation to allow for mass deportations and turn arounds to do it.  Likewise, secure the sovereignty and independence of the UK, by terminating the N/I protocol, and finally getting Brexit done.      😠

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