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Cancel Culture ?

Observer II

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Seems a portrait of Sir Thomas Picton,¬† one of Wellington's Generals killed at Waterloo, has been taken down by Museum Staff in Wales.¬† ¬†Apparently he had a history of mistreating colonials in the West Indies, where he had been Govenor.¬† ¬†Things have clearly gotten out of hand.¬† ¬†ūüė†

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Not looking good for saint George at this rate.

Killing an endangered dragon species, must be down as one of the great no no's soon.

He was french as well which goes against him given the current fishing fiasco.

Dig enough into the past and there are very few who would pass muster on the naughty stakes. (especially the monarchy)

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19 hours ago, Observer II said:

But what these idiots fail to grasp, is than everyone throughout history was a product of their time, so shouldn't be judged by the standards of some (a few) today. Perhaps Attila the Hun or Gengis Khan, or Shaka Zulu get a free pass from these nerds, on account of being non-white.:rolleyes:

Just small minded bored people looking for something to attack.. sad really 

They must have a pretty empty life 

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Yes Latch, but they're getting away with it; these middle class nerds have entered all our cultural institutions and are brainwashing our kids with their tripe and our politicians are being complicit.¬† ¬†These freaks have spilled out onto the M25, where a woke Police Service permits them to wreck everyone's travel plans -¬† If they ever dare to come to the North of England, I can't see the working class public being so tolerant with them.¬† ¬†¬†ūüė†

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