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Shackled for dropping an apple core

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A man with a heart condition was arrested, shackled, put in a DNA database, locked up for 18 hours and taken to court after police claim he dropped an apple core in the latest shocking example of enviro-tyranny being metered out by a cadre of brownshirt "community support officers" that now patrol British cities harassing citizens.





Father of four Gareth Corkhill was ordered to pay an on the spot fine of ?210 - a week's wages - after the local council's bin police, who visited him wearing stab-proof vests and carrying photographic evidence of his crime, saw that his bin lid was four inches ajar.



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Seems to me that this guy could have avoided his problem had he simply co-operated with the police.


Only the man himself and the PCO know the real truth of what really happened but I don?t believe for one moment that enforcing basic littering laws turns our society into one run by a brown shirted military.


Give the CSO a bloody medal!


Bill :)

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as I keep saying they are only intrested in prosecuting honest people, because they are more likely to pay fines.





A Gloucestershire man cut his own car in half after it was clamped because two inches of the bumper was protruding from his drive.


Ian Taylor, 40, returned home to find the Ford Fiesta had been impounded by the DVLA for having no road tax, reports The Sun.


It was legally registered to be off the road but a clamper saw a rear wheel sticking out.


The DVLA was demanding ?280 to release it -so Mr Taylor grabbed his disc cutter to hack it in half when the clampers came back to tow away the car.


click on link for full details


and this is where our council tax goes


Five police cars containing ten officers raced to the scene, along with a six-man fire crew, after clampers told police what was happening.



had it have been a gang of youths attacking his car, how many officers do you rekon would have come...any?

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