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Side Effects ?

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As most pill poppers have noticed, all drugs carry warning notes on possible side effects of the drug, so it's no surprise to discover out of the millions of Covid vax shots, some have proven injurous to a few.   So, despite the WHO saying that the A-Z vax should be continued, we have the EU countries stopping it's roll out, despite their failure to provide adequate stocks for a roll out.   Clearly part of their jealous campaign to undermine Brexit Britain at every turn.    😠    😷

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If you look at the possible side effects of medication then you would end up really paranoid at the slightest twinge.

I remember my father in law listing all the side effects of mother in laws medication and checking it off against the symptoms she was showing. after a few words with the doctor half her medication was discontinued because they were possibly causing her symptoms. They weren't but they were not really helping either.

a bit like dietary advice when you have both heart problems and diabetes.

What you can eat with diabetes is bad for your heart. What is good for your heart is bad for diabetes.

I do sometimes wonder though how much help some tablets are and how much the placebo effect contributes. If you think they are doing you good then they are sort of thing.

So keep taking the tablets and hope for the best...

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