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"ism"ism ?

Observer II

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With the Labour Party tying itself in knots over the anti-semitism  issue, I think it's time we had some rational thought about what actually reflects an "ism".    As I understand it, a Semite is a member of a common language and sub-racial grouping in the area of Palastine, which includes both Arabs and Jews.  Jews are a religious sect, NOT a race;  so any criticism of Jews can't be "racist", or even "anti-semitic" .   We've finished up in our society with woke liberals using the term "racist" incorrectly as a shout down to any view contrary to their own, to the point where any debate is shut down.   The real division in the Labour Party is the long standing one between right and left, which has now been overlayed with identity politics.   :rolleyes:

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