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Champions League Final


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I think I would have fancied Uniteds' chances more against Poo in the fInal :wink: (although I'm not sure the old ticker would have held out) but Chelsea deserve to be there.


The top 2 clubs in England are now the top 2 in Europe, now that's a first.

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Aparently he was injured Peter. At the time it defy logic, but if he was injured then not a lot we could do really. Although Babbel scored, thought both he and Crouch should have come on earlier. Great game, lots of drama, guess you can't get there every year eh?! :wink:

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Both semi-finals were evenly contested, not much to choose betwen any of the last four and I suspect the final will be a nail biter for Chelski and Man Poo! :lol:

At least my heart doesn't have to go through hell! It only just survived last night.


I don't hold out much hope for the Reds in Moscow as Chelski's owner has friends in high places!

I wonder why the Italian ref didn't give Liverpool that sone wall penalty last night when Drogba legged up big Hyypia.


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