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MPs still not representative -

Observer II

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Seems a recent poll has discovered that MPs opinion still doesn't match with the majority of public opinion. MPs, regardless of Party, tend to be more socially liberal than their Constituents, regardless of Party.  This saw the collapse of Labour's "red wall" in the North at the last Election,  but this correction is far from complete.  The nonsense of BLM, LGBT wokeism,  the failure to get a grip of illegal migration are still not being addressed by politicians, to the satisfaction of the electorate outside London.  So clearly, there's a message for Boris in this; and it's not just about social conservativism, it's also about economic liberalism, with the demand that wealth be levelled up outside the London bubble.  So will BoJo seize the opportunity ?      :rolleyes:

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Obs, Asp and all others.   What would you judge to be the percentage of the U.K. the opposes the farce being perpetrated before every tv soccer game ?  I know that it pisses me off, not from a racial point of view, just from common sense.  It's based on a fraud, plus I doubt whether most of the participants are intelligent enough to understand what's going on!

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I'm pretty sure that none of the footballers are foolish enough to be the first to stand up against the bully boy tactic which this "taking the knee" nonsense is, although I have noticed a few that are standing back up earlier than the rest.

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