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Corona friends & family?


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Has anyone else here got friends or family that have the virus?

My drinking mate has had it now for coming up to a week. I’ve just spoken with him and he said he feels worse today than ever. Fortunately, he has no other illnesses of any concern so is just getting on with it. He say’s the worst thing is the fever and everything smelling sweaty and having to constantly change bed sheets. He's a couple of years younger than me but lives on his own and I think I’m the only person he sees each week.

I went for a pint with him a week on Friday and he stated feeling ill shortly after that. We did sit away from everyone in the pub, so I don’t think he caught it there otherwise I’d probably have it as well. The following day he shopped at Asda and said there was a child that was coughing and spluttering and that and the pub Friday were the only times he’s been out of the house in two weeks.


Bill 😊

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Are you immune to Corona then? If as you say though, we both have the same issue and the most likely cause is an abnormally high immune system, then we might be the types that can have it without showing any symptoms?

Did you ever have any special arrangements with the transfusion service?


Bill :)


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several family members who are showing flu like symptoms and are self isolating as a precaution. (mainly the schoolkids at moment.)

None have been tested or been advised to get tested so there is a good chance it is just the normal flu rather than this new strain.

I personally am coughing and blowing my nose every ten minutes or so but that is because of my sinuses. (Noses really run in our family)...🤣

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