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Pester Power

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Lidl has said it will remove cartoon characters from its own-brand cereals to help parents buy healthy products.

It hopes that the rebranded packaging, to be introduced in the spring, will alleviate the pressure of children's "pester power".

When I was young the World was so simple and orderly,I went with my Mum when she did her weekly shop(to help carry the bags) she let me pick my favourite cereal as my treat.I remember looking at Tony the Tiger and all the other brands plus looking at the free gifts on offer which were often in the boxes,

Obviously it made a young lad happy as a sandboy picking these cereals.Well it must have if I still remember the warm glow of Saturday morning shopping with Mum sixty years later.

And now such small treats are being demonised (yet again) by our interfering do gooders who must have a very sad life if they just sit in some office looking for new""Hidden"" threats in the innocence of buying a box of soddin cornflakes with cute cartoon characters on them !!!!.

image.jpeg.cadcd4193b642d80093cb0fa1ef54021.jpegimage.jpeg.470d66c2694ad62d27b767ae8a1b7384.jpegimage.jpeg.712426ffe20372af5ba7e88f8d6e93b0.jpegImage result for 1950 cereal box toys



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baking soda powered "atomic" submarine. remember it well.  Never did get it to work properly. Maybe i used the wrong type of baking soda.

Surprised that the  "i know best" brigade have not gone all out to go back to the "standard" cornflakes rather than the chocolate/sugar/ icing sugar coated brands we have today.(those ones that were made out of recycled  cardboard boxes or so it seemed to me as a kid.)

The thing is kids pester. It is a well known fact. it does not matter what is on a box if the kid wants it they will pester and throw an atomic tantrum until they get it one way or another. Either what they want or the much needed clip round the ear, which will result in the obligatory reporting of parent to the authorities for child abuse etc.

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I forgot how happy we used to be as kids when we got a new pack of breakfast cereal until I read this. 
When I say 'happy' that was not entirely true I suppose as there were 3 of us (me, my bruv and my sis) and it was always a bit of a battle to see who's hand could get in the box and find the little free toy the quickest.  Those were the days when the little toy was somewhere IN the cereal and not between the plastic bag and the outer box.  Gawd we never even used to wash our hands...the 3 of us were straight in often all at the same time grubby or not.  I'd love to be that age again....aah well   

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9 hours ago, Dizzy said:

.  Gawd we never even used to wash our hands...the 3 of us were straight in often all at the same time grubby or not. 

And I don't think anyone ever dropped dead :-)

I really wonder what todays kids would think of our uncomplicated lifestyles of yesteryear ?

They are missing so much with all the overcautious paranoia of todays upbringings.

Image result for wrapping people in cotton wool funny

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