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Our constitution is not all written but it does exist and the enemy of it has without doubt been this Parliament. However it has to be said in my view that the House of Commons bears the clearest blame and in it Speaker Bercow has enabled the revolting actions by a litany of unconstitutional moves over a long period. A more biased Speaker it is hard to imagine and it is to be hoped that he will never be ennobled but I suspect if the rogues in Labour ever take power in the next ten years the little git with the Napoleon complex will be made a Lord.

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What I find amusing is the way the Lib-unDems,  try to claim the centre ground on Brexit, and talk about re-uniting a polarised Nation.  The problem is, there is no "centre ground", it's a binary issue - IN or OUT; and they've chosen the Remain extreme, despite the result of the referendum.    Their politically immature Leader even claims that in the event of another referendum voting to Leave, she would still question the people's decision and persist in trying to keep us in -  clearly a case of my way or no way; not very liberal, and certainly not democratic. 

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According to Mahyar Tousi on Youtube; he alleges that  Jo Swinson is in receipt of funding from George Soros, and her husband's company has received funding directly from the EU - presumably this should be in the register of Members Interest in Parliament;  so why hasn't the media seized on it ? Interesting also, the Libs are engaged in a data gathering exercise, which arguably contravenes privacy rules;  however, perhaps the results they are getting on public opinion is the reason they no longer want a "people's vote" but are now switching to a revocation of Article 50 ?

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