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Cricket World Cup


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The result isn't being challenged, simply more lies from the usual suspect. If there was a referendum on it  one side of the argument could massively overspend on the run up to the vote,  illegal but effective.


Oh yes and well done England,  Captained by an immigrant, batting led by an immigrant, fastest bowler an immigrant, leading all-rounder an immigrant, main spinner son of an immigrant.  Stronger together.


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57 minutes ago, Observer II said:

So we depend on foreign mercenaries then for our National team -  such is the state of sport.

What a retarded, backward, narrow minded, ignorant and wrong headed view of the real world.  Another quality post from the forum Nazi. We depend on British citizens for our national sporting heroes,  it's just a minority of neanderthal idiots who can't quite grasp it.  



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5 minutes ago, Observer II said:

You'll have to forgive my ignorance Asp; I don't follow sport; just thought those playing for a National team would have to be Nationals.

which they are, but your ignorance is very hard to forgive. You follow politics, must British Prime ministers have been born in Britain ? 


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Sportsmen in particular change national teams to suit their particular circumstances. For example a football player, born and raised in England but not likely to be picked for the England team may, if he's lucky enough to have an Irish granny, opt to play for Ireland. And who wouldn't?

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50 minutes ago, Observer II said:

Think the term is "naturalised" British citizen - therefore British.  

So what is your problem with the England cricket team having members not born in England Obs? Isn't being picked for the national team enough "naturalisation" for you? In fact, as you say you "don't follow sport" why are you even commenting on "sport"? The rest of us who do "follow sport" aren't kicking up a stink about it.

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