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State of the Nation ?

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Or maybe before they become parents would be a better idea.

They would know how to house train a dog but cannot seem to grasp how to potty train a child. I would have thought that potty training a child was much easier than house training a dog.

Given that most toddlers are handed a phone or tablet as soon as they are able to hold one it is not surprising that they cannot use a pencil, they probably don't now what one is or think it has come out of a museum.

Speaking "properly" depends on the main language spoken in the home, if several different languages are spoken regularly by the household then it is not surprising that speaking  "properly" has been flagged as one of the things they cannot do.

Mind you the various teaching methods used to teach English over the last few decades i am surprised anybody can talk proper like.

I blame the BBC for most of this not been the same since they stopped using people who spoke in such rounded precise tones whilst reading the news. Only have to listen to the old broadcast every word perfectly enunciated in a clear and authoritative voice, each diphthong perfectly diphthed.

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