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I think I finally defeated the internet.   When I was young and dinosaurs roamed the earth and German bombers flew overhead, during school holidays, I used to work most of the Woolston farms.    At 10:00 am and 3:00 pm every day, the farmers wife used to bring tea and sandwiches for the workers, usually a thick slice of bread with jam.  It was called ' Baggin', don't know why but that's what it was called.   After three hours of back breaking  work "Here's Baggin' was a welcome sound.    Looked all over the internet but cannot find any reference to it.   Where's Harry when you need him to endorse it?

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Could well be a reference to the container that the food came in and it's who brought it. eg here comes the farmer's wife bringing the bag in. Carrying a tray of food across muddy fields would be awkward at best. so a bag would be a sensible way of conveying the food and drink. over the  years this could well have been shortened to Bag in to alert the farm workers to the fact that refreshment was now available and to come and get it before it all went, eventually ending up as baggin with the original meaning having been forgotten with time.

Of course i could be totally adrift with this explanation and it could well be a reference to people eating hobbit's for all i know.:shock:

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