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Chester Rd Traffic


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Set of for Chester today (Friday) got to Chester Road and came to a stop. Sat for 30 minutes or so in stationary traffic, sat nav told me there was a delay of 4 minutes, risked 6 points and a fine by checking the net via my phone which said 20 minutes  delay. Eventually turned round and went home.

Nothing on any of the news feeds, someone said the bridge was stuck, anyone know what happened?

PS I used to be able to click the heading and it used to take me to the news page, but not anymore. How about a link to the news pages from the forums.

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Is that bridge app thingy still up and running that is supposed to tell you when the bridges are off and for how long?

nothing on the news page about it yet. Nothing on the grundian webpage either they will probably have it by next friday with a main headline of "major traffic chaos in warrington".:twisted:

never noticed the lack of a news page link until you mentioned it. not used that link since the forum update. should be easy to re-establish a hyperlink to the news page from the banner at the top like it used to do.

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