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.....so much money saved that our council tax ONLY went up by 4.7% :?: Grafitti and litter removal a priority :?:


Not convinced me to vote for you with that speech sorry Mr Conservative :(


I'm sure you can do better than that.

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Not voting isn't much of a protest. It does mean of course that people can sit back and abdicate all responsibility with 'well I didn't vote for them!' Make your voice heard. Go out and vote, otherwise you have no right to complain!

Also check out whether certain candidates are actually card carrying members of the party they are standing for, or people just trying to get elected at any price.

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Observer we can only hope but I am not holding my breath.


Its a shame that people don't vote given the sacrifices people have made in the past for us to be able to have choices - abstaining says nothing and just maintains the status quo. The big 3 don't mind a low turnout as long as their core voters vote then they are OK.


How sad.

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