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  1. As I said nice work if you can get it
  2. There are a few other places int e UK where we need them first!!
  3. Think this an old story about Anne Summers. They threatened to take the job centre to court over descrimination.
  4. Remember its lose lips that sink ships but should be compact disks that cause the risks.
  5. Well even if 120-130 Labour MPS lose their seats they still get their redundancy payment and their pension don't they, Don't think many will be on the poverty line. Maybe those inmarginals will be claiming more expenses from now on!
  6. I dont think that it is a secret ballot but they don't appear to log or track things - but you can buy exit polls which tell you who has voted so they are tracking something!
  7. But how much is being spent on the rail link and where is that money coming from? How about a little more on the West Coast Mainline?
  8. He doesn't like to talk about it!
  9. Its government policy to close and sell off school playing fields, etc. Despite claims to the contrary they have increased then number sold since 97. So not really sure its down to the Lib Dems.
  10. I have seen no issues over the last few days. It has been generally quick.
  11. Kier Hardy was he the famous stand-off? (-;
  12. No I meant the public sector pensions are a mess for the rest of us to pay for.
  13. A credit crunch in the capital in which we are swimming - sounds like a Peter Benchley book.
  14. Having been to a few counts I have seen a few on the lines of the Observers answer. E.g. None of the above, None of them worth voting for, etc. I have also seen one with a long comment on it about women have the right to vote so by spoling her paper she was fulfilling her duty. Spolit papers are counted and collected but remember they are traceable. The number of spolit papers has increased in recent years.
  15. Perhaps they meant tough on Grime - tough on the causes of Grime?
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