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Well folks we are back home in Texas.  We had a great trip and the lunch with Gary and Dizzy, with a visit from Evil Sid, was a highlight.   My first comment is that it is damn cold there, course you know that, but it seemed very cold this time, probably because the sun rarely appeared.  People were great, had a front wheel flat close to Llangollen and a very nice young guy in his work truck, stopped and changed it for me.  Great café / bakery on the main street in Llangollen,  Winchit's or something like that, if I lived there, I would weigh three hundred pounds. 

Not so good was the traffic.  Don't remember the lanes being so skinny and the parking with wheels on the sidewalk is a killer.  Traffic circles are a problem too when you are not sure of your directions, everyone seems to turn them into race tracks.  Becky was my navigator, but every time I looked at her for directions, she had her hands over her eyes!!  Couldn't believe that I got lost so many times in my home town.  Trying to get to the parking off Midland Way (that's new) and an unmapped island appeared and we ended up in Cockhedge shopping!  I drove a 55' long tour bus all over the USA for eight years and never had a tighter experience than getting out of that parking lot !!!    Must say though, my buddy, Smithy, who's my age, shocked the hell out of me when he told me that he had a hip replacement using local anesthetic !!!!  Said that he wasn't too happy with having to listen to the whine of the saw as it cut his leg off !!!!   

One last thing, if you ever get the chance to fly Singapore Airlines take it.  Their coach is just like business class with smaller seats, they feed you every two hours and wine with lunch and dinner.

All in all a good final trip, thanks Gary and Dizzy.   To quote the great man: It's so nice to go travelling, but it's so much nicer to come home.

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Now you know why we all moan so much about the roads and traffic islands Stallard.  They are a nightmare eh ?
So glad you and Becky enjoyed your time over here in your home town and it was lovely to meet up with you both & Gary & Evils. 
I hope you and Becky both come back again as there's so much more I'd love to talk to you both about and hear about.  
Failing that maybe I will come to Texas one day...have you got a spare room and could you put up with me for more than a couple of hours lol.

Wishing you both a very Merry Xmas and all the best for 2018... missing you already x x   Dizzy K :wink:

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Nice to meet all of you, however briefly, not often i get chance of just doing something i want to do these days. (had more time to do things when i was working for a living).

Don't fret about getting lost in warrington i get lost here all the time what with the new estates and road layouts.

Parking being what it is in warrington is one of the main reasons that i try and go there on the bike. easier to park but hard to carry much shopping and items bigger than a rucksack are a definite no.

Local anaesthetic for a hip joint. how times have changed. Bet he wasn't in more than three days all told either. they like to get you up and about and out of the place for the next patient as soon as possible.

being cold is something you get used to i suppose, although i have noticed it more as i have got older. (must be an age thing, the older you get the more you want to keep warmer than you did, personally i blame central heating. or would if i had it).

so all the best for the present and the future and don't tell too many tall tales about your visit to your friends, might put them off visiting.

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