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:D      Prefer being on board a ship Diz.   I raised the issue due to the hoo-hah in Parliament over the Radcliffe woman. Now Boris may be a buffoon, but I'm guessing his mistake was repeating publicly what his civil servants had told him privately. The Iranians aren't on the best of terms with us at the moment, so will no doubt be paranoid about dual nationals importing western ideas into their country.     The other one that's current, is the woman arrested for taking tramadol into Egypt for her Egyptian boyfriend; I wasn't aware Egyptians could get free prescriptions on the NHS.   :ph34r:

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A lot of countries are paranoid about any sort of drugs being imported. A few years ago I took a ship to Kaliningrad where it was being bought by a Russian. On the way we had to dump the contents of the medical locker as well as any drugs, such as Lemsip (other flu medicines are available), the crew had in their possession. Apparently customs would have gone to town on us as, because the ship was being sold in Russia and therefore "imported", anything on board would be deemed to be "imported". And it is illegal to import drugs of any description into Russia without a license.

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The Standard reports that the debt for non-delivery of tanks to the Shah was ordered to be paid by the High Court following international adjudication by the International Chamber of Trade. It seems the Treasury paid the money to the High Court in 2002 but has not been paid because of sanctions on Iran.

So, reword that to, it seems HMG are preparing to bust sanctions for the release of .. a British citizen? Not sure it shows that she wasn't on holiday, rather it is probably an attempt to shut Corbyn up. Given Jeremy's associations with Iran  I expect that any objection from him will be met by a hail of accusations of hypocrisy.  

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