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so far a search on brexit severance cheques has only turned up one site that "wants" to help you claim money from the EU. for a small fee of just £30/£40 they will let you know that you are not entitled to a bean from the EU for exiting. It is a scam according to most other sources.

surprising what does turn up in the adverts, i did a search the other day fro garden gates for a neighbour and when i came on here lo and behold i had adverts for garden gates.

been tempted since to look up something in the interesting leather/lingerie line just to see if the ads are targeted on a previous web search.:oops::oops::wacko:

edited bit. did notice just that there is an option to close the add using a little x at t he top right of the add. this brings up a box that says google add closed underneath are two boxes one that says stop seeing this add the other why this add. clicking on the why this add takes you to an explanation page that gives a brief reasonwhy a particular add shows up. end of edited bit.

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On 10/30/2017 at 4:15 PM, asperity said:

Do the forum administrators have any control over the advertisement contents? I ask because today there was an ad for "Brexit severance cheques". I was curious as to what these are , and it appears to be a scam of some sort.

We don't have any control over the adverts - they are controlled by google and generally relate to your individual tastes and searches - so the advert I see is different to what you see. The current one I am seeing on here is for Barclays bank who I do online banking with. So if you you are seeing something to do with Brexit it suggests you may have been surfing something relating to brexit - hope that helps explain. If you have an issue with an advert please take it up directly with google.

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I've got an ad for disabled parking advice... I closed that ad with the X and Google asked me why so I clicked  not interested... and it was replaced by one advertising dating older single people. Made me giggle... I closed that too saying inappropriate and Google said sorry 😂


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On 11/4/2017 at 6:52 PM, Dizzy said:

Ps Gary....forum is working again for me now on my tablet. Bet nobody missed me though.... 

We are missing you - your either working or in facebook land - a place you once said you would never visit! Please visit the advertisers as it cost me $80 last month to host the forum! :(

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