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The end is nigh ?


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will who blame it on brexit? if all life is terminated there will be nobody to blame anybody.simple logic that is.

anyway we have enough nukes knocking about to sort it out. was watching a film about just the other day on the horror channel. (nuking asteroids not brexit):rolleyes:

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10 hours ago, observer said:

Seems a giant asteroid, capable of terminating all life on earth, is heading our way. The scientist believe it will miss us this time, but if it hits us, will they blame it on Brexit ?      :ph34r:

Well most things that go wrong are blamed on Brexit these days so I guess some alien life force somewhere could report to other alien life forces that we humans all perished because of Brexit. 

The asteroid is supposed to be passing us at a safe distance of 4.4 million miles though (how do they measure that and know it's exact course?)...aww maybe it will hit some alien planet though and they will be wiped out before we ever find them.

My question though is who came up with the daft name of 'Florence' for this super big and potentially dangerous asteroid....surely they could have come up with something better :rolleyes::lol:

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Perhaps they are fans of the magic roundabout diz.


(how do they measure that and know it's exact course?)

Clever buggers these scientist types, they can look at things and immediately tell you what it is, some do tend to get lost in their own bathrooms but when it comes to telling how far a lump of rock will miss by, they are the bees knees,(and other choice bits of various animals) After all they have years of experience at guessing right.

It is strange that just as Brexit talks get under way, or not, up pops another great lump of rock to take peoples minds off it.:ph34r::rolleyes:

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