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NHS moan one - walk in centre


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Why has Warrington not got one?

When a huge blister appeared on a relatives foot the first port of call was the GP nurse, but the receptionist told she could do nothing as they do not carry dressings!

To trivial for the A + E dept we set in Fridays traffic to the \Walk In centre in Widnes, today we had to return to get the dressing seen to.

Is Warrington not large enough to have its own walk in centre?

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1 hour ago, Evil Sid said:

According to google warrington has 3 drop in centres. Bridgewater community healthcare, bath street health and wellbeing centre and cockhedge medical centre.

Bath street is free parking ask for a token for the barrier when you leave.


They have various drop in clinics run at various times such as diabetes, stop smoking, weight management and so on.

When I rang on Friday to see if we can get the dressing changed in Warrington today we had to make an appointment which was not available for today. We have an appointment for Thursday to change the dressing but had a choice of AM appointments only.

Warrington has not got a drop in clinic of the type there is in Widnes, as far as I know and neither does our GP practice.

I could be wrong and if anyone knows better please inform 

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