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The invisible man

Evil Sid

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Ah the thoughts that rattle through the brain whilst you are trying to sleep.

The other night i got to thinking about the invisible man after somebody had asked me who played him and i asked in the films or the TV series. Never got round to answering that as the person was not that bothered just mildly curious.

It was about then that i wondered why the films did not have an adult content rating. I reasoned thus, the invisible man is only invisible when he is totally naked. That means that when you can't see him he is streaking. Given that for most of the film you don't see him then for most of the film he must be naked and therefore the film should have an adult rating.

However i then thought that as he is invisible then maybe his beard is long enough to cover any possible bits that wouldn't be on show. He must have a beard because he would not be able to see his reflection in a mirror and so cannot shave can he?

And as a final thought i wonder when he wrote his diary (made into a film "diary of an invisible man) did he use invisible ink? shortly afterwards sleep finally claimed me but left those musings for me to ponder about the following day.

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On 19/04/2017 at 7:06 AM, Evil Sid said:

I don't worry as long as it works dizz.:ph34r:

I do wonder though if it got you to thinking about naked in!!!!:wacko:

It would be more of a disappointment not being able to see the invisible women Sid! - depending on your gender of course!.B)














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Or your sexual orientation. (we have to acknowledge all possibilities/combinations in our PC worlds. just don't order a BLT in certain places).

You can a have a bit of fun with that though, I mean staring over somebodies left shoulder and saying in a loud whisper, "Don't look round but the invisible man is standing behind you" and just seeing if they do.

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