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How daft does it have to get?

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A Police anti-terrorist training exercise has been criticised by Muslims, as one of the pretend terrorists shouted "Allah Akbar" (God is Great); like terrorist do. Now the Police have apologised; perhaps they made the scenario too realistic?!  

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Perhaps they did get it wrong, as the threat level from an IRA dissident attack has just been increased. Perhaps the pretend terrorist in the Police exercise, should have shouted " b'jesus Paddy, which button do I press?"; which would no doubt have offended the Irish !

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LOL :lol:


But the IRA representative is not likely to blow himself up, he would go to hell as suicide is a sin!


Although picking on Christians would have been a safe option.


Seriously though the police seem to be in a impossible situation these days.

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It really is a ridiculous situation,the defence of the realm that protects everyone who wants to be a part of it,but the people we expect to protect us are tied by petty political correctness.


I am always reminded of an old Giles cartoon from the height of the NI troubles where a soldier, after being hit by umpteen bricks, turns to his corporal & says " If another one of them bricks hits me  i'm going to write to my MP to try & get permission to fire a rubber bullet back at the b&$***d$ ", or words to that effect.

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