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24 hours notice ?


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Acquitted of rape but clearly he must still be thought to be a threat or why would he have to give the police 24 hours notice of any planned sexual activity including the name and address of any female he plans to have intimacy with or face 5 years in jail.....and yet for legal reasons he can't be named.

So in the event that he and a lady get a little amorous is he likely to say 'oh ang on a minute I just have to let the police know so they can make a note...are you ok to wait until tomorrow? '

Very odd..... 


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Reading the article it seems as though the police want to check that any female who he plans to have sex has given her consent given the details they have asked him to supply.


can just imagine them knocking on somebodies door and asking the lady of the house if they planned to have sex later on with such and such a body and then some irate husband wanders up behind her and demands to know what the ......... is going on. :oops: :oops: :oops:

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This is a very weird situation.... the police obviously think he is a threat but appear to have no way of putting him away where they must think he should be.... maybe they should just say they think he is a terrorist and bang him up anyway

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