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Constitutional Reform ?


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Is it time we had reform of our political institutions - starting with the House of Lords ?   There are now over 800 members in the Lords, making it the second biggest chamber in the world, and probably the biggest in per capita terms. None of it's Members are elected, but appointed from Party supporters and donors, many elderly politicians; making it (at £300 per day per Member) an expensive geriatric home.  It's unlikely that the political class, would want to change things, as turkey's seldom vote for Xmas. But the system is so obviously corrupt and antiquated, that maybe; given the current impasse  with the Commons; Gov may actually consider changes.   :unsure:

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I think it would be an idea to invite these geriatric fossils to fund their own days of attendance so they can be more in tune with the man in the street & provide a more effective buffer to the excesses of governments. Furthermore ,is the expensive regalia really necessary ?

As it stands the Lords is nothing but an expensive Darby & Joan club.

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They did ok yesterday but it is a bloated old fashioned House and needs reforming.  I see the obnoxious Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tory backer and Lord, flew in from America to vote against the bills trying to stop Osbourne.  Thats commitment you may think but its his first vote on anything in over 2 years.

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