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don't have  that worry anymore, have those radio controlled ones that automatically set themselves to teh correct time via a radio signal.I have a clock in the car but could never be bothered to set it as it never seems to stay roght for more than three days. loses about a minute over that period and is a pain to access a sthe setting button also sets other things and one wrong press and you have to start again. phone is easy as i just turn daylight savings on or off depending.


Now i am sure i have asked this question before but if yiou are a shift worker on the night shift last night do you work an extra hour as the clocks went back and do they get paid for it?

I suppose that at the other end of the scale,so to speak, if you work when the clocks go forward you work an hour less and so do you lose out on an hours pay, which evens it out (unless you are unlucky and miss being at work for one of them). :wacko:

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Yes Baz, Our future is in the EU 8)


you may wish to move to France but I'm staying right here in a free and independent Great Britain...free from the unelected edifice that is the EU free from red-tape and free from the 4th Reich that is Angela Merkel and her designs to conquer Europe.... something her granddad Adolf couldn't quite manage :)

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