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WW2 Warrington ?


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One for you local history buffs to play with !   Where did the bombs fall in Warrington during WW2?  Think most know about those dropped on a kid's sports day at the Thames Board site; but I remember my Mum telling me she was riding her bike towards Kingsway Bridge, when a landmine (presume delayed action bomb?) exploded in the River, sending showers of water all over the place. I've looked at a web site and found another (although it may be the same one?), exploding in Latchford, but the report describes it as being at night. Anyone know of any more?

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I think some fell in Appleton near London Road somewhere Obs.  I'm sure I've  seen some photos of the damage they caused either online or perhaps in one of the books I have so I'll try and find them.

Mr Dizzy also mentioned one fell near where his Grandma worked but I can't remember where that was so I'll ask him when he comes home.

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I just found this online which mentions two land mines being dropped at Latchford.  One landed near the Power Station and the other in the Sewage Works which I know was just near Kingsway Bridge (bet that made a mess and a stink) but this too says night time so wouldn't be the ones your mum remembers. 

It's an interesting read though


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Not very helpful Wolfie my dear chap.......  :P

This is though

"A bomber dropped a stick of bombs across Manchester Road near the parish church in Warrington. Houses on a corner with Manchester Road and Howley Lane were destroyed. One bomb dropped on the boiler house at the Firth Company and another finished up in the Mersey."

Taken from this fascinating first hand account of WW2 in Stockton Heath and Warrington, written by a gent who was a small boy living in Stockton Heath at the time of WW2.


Very interesting to read and I had no idea it was like that round here, no idea why I thought it wouldn't have been though.

post edited and link now works... sorry about that.  Dizzy

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Sorry about that Evils, I'd copied the link code directly from my browser bar when I had the page open and for some reason like you say it doesn't work when posted into here despite it being exactly the same. 
I've no idea why when I was only copying what it said but here you go I've manually put http:// in front of it and it works fine now.   I'll edit my previous post in the same way in a sec so that one works too.  Gremlins....or more likely just me being dim



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Obs I found the photo's I remembered seeing of WW2 damage in Warrington.  They are on the Museum of Policing in Chesire's website.  I started to save copies of just the Warrington ones from their collection  to upload (along with their website details and page headers of course so the source was shown) but then I double checked the copyright rules and realised I couldn't even do that. 

I've delete my saved screen prints (just thought I'd mention that in case the police are reading EEK) so I'll just post their direct links to their photos and the description text on here 

I'll also post a direct link to their whole set of WW2 bomb damage photos as they are all really interesting to see as it the rest of their website.

I seem to remember you once saying you don't like clicking on links though Obs but you'll just have to now as no way am I getting locked up in a cell for you  :lol:

11th September 1940, Knutsford Road, Grappenhall,/Nr Warrington



28th October 1940, London Road, Appleton./1. Damaged caused by 560lbs High explosive delayed


28th October 1940, London Road, Appleton./2. At 12.15 am, Two bombs were dropped at the rear



28th October 1940, London Road, Appleton./3. One exploded at 4.30pm the same day.



28th October 1940, London Road, Appleton./4. The other bomb was removed by bomb disposal on



28th October 1940, London Road, Appleton./5. Extensive damage to the rear of the house


28th October 1940, London Road, Appleton./6. A re-inforced concrete dug out which was un

28th October 1940, London Road, Appleton./7. Close up of the re-inforced concrete dug out



23rd November 1940, Thewall Grange, Thelwall/Damage caused to a Motorcar.

9th January 1941, Walton Hall, Walton/1000lb German Bomb, 4 feet 9 inches long.


9th January 1941, Wal;ton Hall, Walton/1000lb German Bomb, 4 feet 9 inches long.

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My mother lived in Mason street, Howley during the war and can remember being in the brick air raid shelter ( Ex.Coal bunker ) in the back yard when the bomb fell on the Firth. She says you could hear the howl as it got closer then when it hit they were showered with coal dust from the bunker :-0)))

Apparently the bomb landed on the baseplate of a large weighing machine in the Firth works.

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