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    My Grandma owned a shop in what is now the cottage and she said there was a tunnel from there to parish church and that it was bricked up at the Cottage end.
  2. My mother lived in Mason street, Howley during the war and can remember being in the brick air raid shelter ( Ex.Coal bunker ) in the back yard when the bomb fell on the Firth. She says you could hear the howl as it got closer then when it hit they were showered with coal dust from the bunker :-0))) Apparently the bomb landed on the baseplate of a large weighing machine in the Firth works.
  3. That is the name I was trying to think of, thanks for posting Algy . Amazing how many Tanneries there were in Warrington, I was browsing Old Maps the other day and must have counted at least 25 , lots around the Victoria park / Wash lane area. Must be something to do with the good water supply in Warrington. When I worked at Pierpoints we had our own bore hole to supply water. Also pretty central for the supply of hides and easy access to foreign hides through Liverpool.
  4. The one I knew as Orford Tannery was where the Tannery Court houses are now off the end of Statham Avenue, I can remember that one burning down then the houses were built on the site.
  5. I think it was called the 'Longford Tannery' though it may have had a commercial name , it appears on Old maps up to the 1930's, after that the maps just say Works'
  6. That should be LONGFORD tannery obviously .....
  7. I can remember this as a paint works in the 1970's when I was at the College nextdoor, I think the paint factory closed in the late 1980's. I can picture the sign for the brand of paint but cannot think of the brandname, I know the background to the sign was a horrible brown colour and I think the logo was 2 letters :-0)) The site was originally Latchford Tannery I think but I am not certain when that closed , I suspect sometime after WW 2.
  8. Looks like you are getting a little closer to the Information I was seeking, thanks for all your efforts, look forward to more if you can find it.
  9. Definitely the same Baz , well done on your work up to now, look forward to more.
  10. Sounds feasible , the only problem I have is that the Track is a straight piece of wood and would be Generic to any track. Do you think they possibly made them for sale at Warrington Dog Track ?
  11. http://s1240.photobucket.com/user/SniperGL/media/2015-02-16175819_zpsa067fea4.jpg.html?o=4 have tried setting up a photo bucket account, this is my first go so don't know if the link works ?
  12. Thanks for your efforts so far Gents, look forward to hearing more and will try and get some better pics posted
  13. Dizzy I had to resize the photos as the forum wouldn't let me upload more than 24kb total , then after the first one was uploaded it went down to 7kb . So I cannot upload them any bigger. I actually made an error in the description, it is a 'WHIPPET' racing game. The game is constructed with Bakelite frame , green painted wood track, Yellow metal whippets x 4 , a battery compartment for the old 2 cell cloth bound batteries and a Bakelite knob on the battery end of the box. I assume it works either on a magnet moving the Whippets along or similar to the old 'Escalado' horse racing game where vibrations move the horses along the track. It does look like it is 1930's - 1950's vintage, the price on the box is 45 shillings.
  14. I was wondering if any of you knowledgeable people can shed any light on this Greyhound racing game. It was made by the 'Authentic Model Co. Ltd , Warrington. The kind of information I am looking for is where the company was located, what date is the game etc. Also is it worth any money as the guy who owns it is interested in selling. Thankyou
  15. http://youtu.be/uQrBHNBm1mo This is my interview with Mark Olly on episode 2 of Lost Treasures, my Club mate Keith Wood also features . Probably seen by most of you but worth posting again ( Use it to keep your kids away from the Telly ! ).
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