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Not sure if anyone is interested but found a couple of android apps


One informs you of dates and which bins are to be put out, called what bin day, however another app called complete Warrington needs to be installed for what bin day to run.


Complete Warrington is usless and has no content.


I wouldn't bother with either app, but thought I let you know of there existences.

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If you want some really good apps, instal windows 10 on your pc, that way everyrthing on the pc is an app, that is until the start menu doesn't and you get the message cortana and start menu aren't working please sign out and retry and we wil attempt to fix it (in my case the third time i started my laptop up). Needless to say no matter how many times you do that it doesn't get fixed.


One good thing though you do get a month in which you can roll back to your previous version of windows but after that you are stuck with windows 10 with all it's non functionality and the automatic no option but to have them as you cant turn them off or choose to not install them updates whether you want to or not.


As for emptying bins mne and one other were not emptied this week, probably got missd in the general melee of bins that seem to sprout up on bin day and hang around for the best part of the week until they eother get moved around the corner of reluctantly taken in by the appropriate house holder. Used the councils website to complain about same and was surprised that i got a reply back within the sameday, well until i realised that it was an automated one.


best thing though is the checklist of reasons that they give for a bin not nbeing empty. one of which is the bin is too heavy. surely if i can wheel it out of my gate to the collection point it is not too heavy is it? The bin men only have to move it about six feet to the back of the wagon after all.(calm down, deep breaths, happy thougts,happy thoughts)


Perhaps a better name for the said app would be warrington incomplete. one touch could put you through to the apologies page and also point you in teh direction of the search engine to see what roads are not being dug up, filled in or closed for no aparent reason and also which areas are getting the most work done in them eg culcheth seems to be a growth area for council projects just lately. (or is that just me being cynical)


I note that you do not say if it is a free app or if you have to pay through the nose to not use it once installed and also how often it updates.(does it come with built in adverts for candy crush?) :mrgreen:

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I quite like Win 10 and no problems.


Sid, if you have Avast installed try uninstalling.


Or try this :-


1. Right Click on Start Menu> Click Command Prompt(Admin)
2. select Run as Administrator.
3.Now Type PowerShell In Cmd
4. Now paste the Below and then press Enter key:

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

5.Wait for PowerShell to execute and complete the command. Ignore the few errors (in red color) that may pop up.
6. When it finishes, try hitting Start and hopefully it’ll start working.

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I'm on Windows 7 and have a constant message popping up telling me I have limited time to upgrade to Win 10.

I don't want to upgrade as I know for a fact some of my software wont work on it which is why I opted for Win 7 not 8 when I got my new PC a couple of years ago.  Can I turn the damn reminder off and say 'No Thanks'.... NO I can't and it's been getting on my nerves for weeks !!

As for the App for bin emptying day (which I though was a joke, sorry Coffee) why do people need an App when theres a sticker on the bin which says which one when or you can just print it from the councils website and stick it somewhere.... mmmm maybe not a good choice of words

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tried ten and very not impressed, especially at the non optional updates.


gone back to windows seven and no problems.


as for getting rid of the reminder. not a chance. you can turn it off for a while by using task manager and ending the process tree of GWX.ex but it will get back on again later no matter what. I tried to get shut by deleting the folder with Gwx.exe in it but it won't let you do that as you have to be the owner of the software to make any changes.


the bin collection dates on the council website are a bit of a mystery to me at the moment. it asks for my postcode and then just gives me which bin is due that week and no option to view the year as a whole and print it out.


am also unclear as to why it takes up to ten weeks to get a new bin. there is a compound with hundreds of them in not ten minutes drive from my house. i could pick it up myself if they want. really annoys me that as it was them who have broken my bin. it was fine when i put it out and then when i went ot get it in the bloomin wheel fell off. (maybe that is why it has not been emptied) but that being the case it will be anything up to ten weeks before it does get emptied. on the plus side i can put three, yes three extra bags out with my bin next time it is due to be emptied. (they will probably not be taken as they will not know who has left them by the bin unless i put my name and address on them and the will probably get a summons for fly tipping)


still you have to laugh mwwhahahahaha!!!!!

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I've been on windows 10 for a while now and I personally think it is very good. Everything works better than in windows 7 or 8 (including accounts software from 2006 :) )


I did go to a site last year though that were still running machines with windows 98 (not even se) and they still did what they needed them to do; so I guess its just whatever floats your boat I guess.


As for bins, I have a really strange neighbour who likes to make sure their bin is outside their house about lunchtime the day before collection so I just put out whatever they have.... the wife always likes to remove their bin about 5 minutes after its been emptied though and thinks everyone else should too and thoughtfully puts bins at the entrance to eveyone elses drives.... which doesn't half bloody annoy me, especially when you come home and the rain is bouncing and you can't get on the drive because she has put the bin there and have to get out to shift it and get soaked in the process.....grrrrrrrr

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