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If you know what dept you want try doing a search on google. I wanted to talk to someone in the Environmental health dept of Halton Borough Council which is an 0303 number. After a search I found an old web page with an 01928 number which is still directed through the same switchboard, but because its an 01 number it was free on my service provider. It doesn't get you through any quicker but by not paying you can relax and wait.

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Same here bob and yes always on hold for quite some time whenever I've tried to ring them, not to mention having to listed to the long recorded message aabout options to press too.

I don't know your reasons for wanting to contact them but if it is to report something they do have online forms that you can fill in for various things.

The good thing about reporting online too is that if you give your email address you get an automated reply saying your 'report' has been received and it also gives you a reference number too.  I;ve alos received follow up emails a few times saying how it's progressing.  That's really useful as you have proof of when you reported something if nothing is done and in addition if you do then have to ring you also have a reference number which is date stamped..... they never give you a reference number when you phone and speak in person :wink: 

I'm sure I read recently on here that the council were supposed to be employing more staff to man the phoes though... unless I just dozed of and drempt it after I had been on hold for some time :lol:


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So that is the problem. so much time spent answering online queries that they don't have time to answer the phone.


which reminds me must send a request for a new black bin as the last time they emptied it they managed to knock the wheel off the axle. to be fair they did push it back on again but only so it looke dok. bit of a bugger trying to wheel it in when the wheel falls off and rolls away down the street.

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