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    More test borings done in the Farmer Arms car park (Rush green road) Lymm. Houses. Rent asked for pub is £49000pa!! Will be"we tried to rent it but couldn't find a mug".Only option is build on site
  2. Does anyone know who I could contact about the gas engine? I'm a member of the Anson Engine Museum and we collect and exhibit items from our industrial past. (Remember we made things once)
  3. What is the gas engine genset? The Anson Engine Museum I'm sure would be interested in it.
  4. Apparently Mr.Parr had the high level bridge over the canal built as he got hacked off waiting in his pony and trap when swing bridge open.A hall AND a bridge,may not be art but surely style.P.S.His house at Grappenhall was pulled down by WBC.
  5. bobbrakes


    Work on the new Netto proceeds. In order to heed local sensibilities any bags supplied are printed "Arrods Food All".
  6. The trial digs in the Farmers car parks must have been to make sure that travellers vans and 4x4s don't come to harm. Maybe some lights so exit onto Rushgreen road will be safe. (Since it'll never be built on).
  7. Don't worry Joe, it'll come.
  8. bobbrakes


    Surprise surprise.Planning permission for houses on the Farmers Arms car park.Be no problem there,Lymm Church could be knocked down and built on provided it generates rate income.
  9. Got one in lymm. Handy for checking if acceleration times have improved after engine tweaks. Much more useful than having wardens with the courage to ticket vehicles blatantly parked on double yellows etc.
  10. Have any members ever actually spoken to WBC without ages on hold? I can't afford the phone bill. A recorded voice keeps refering the desperate phoner to the WBC website,which is ace at freezing.
  11. bobbrakes


    Never tried council website, will have a go,ta. Keep waiting for the planners match,a LA Railway!
  12. bobbrakes


    Car park was once the bowling green.
  13. bobbrakes


    Did ask.Driver just said he'd been told to dig where instructed.Pub is not 300 years old.
  14. bobbrakes


    JCB doing trial digs, with two people in attendance, in car park of closed Farmers Arms on Rush Green road Lymm. Expect it's to ensure that the expected rush of vehicles when pub re-opens will be safe.Can't think of any other reason.
  15. bobbrakes


    Railway Hotell at Heatley, closed and boarded up. Mysterious fire solves any planning probs. Mr.Smiths ditto. Farmers Arms on Rushgreen Road(closed) must be dreading the planning match.
  16. P(ORT) Out, S(starboard) Home. Is the proposed Netto aimed at canal users?
  17. I do love this forum,straight talkin'.
  18. Wonder if the same objectors are up in arms about the Farmers Arms being allowed to decay until it can be demo!ished for houses? Sometimes think vociferous newbies haven't seen a flush loo until they clawed their way up to Lymm town.
  19. Report and clip on BBC of Middlesbrough transporter bridge reopening.
  20. Combination. Barge jammed under bridge AND tide trying to lift it.Either boat got crushed or bridge lifted, my money was on crush. However barge was pulled clear,don't know what by.Did the tug Bennett ever work round Warrington? Know it was used to drag e.g Humber Trader through the mud in the Walton Lock arm into Warrington Timber Pool then onto canal to bring grain back down for Faircloughs mills. Last trip by her and sister was 1985 I think.
  21. bobbrakes


    When did the Bishops Wharf company cease. Who dismantled the quay and buildings? I remember when I was an apprentice at Bewsey a Mersey Flat breaking loose from the wharf and jamming under the bridge on a rising tide.Exciting times!!
  22. Talking to one of the engineers whilst on the blades he told me that design was deceptively simple. Forces on the blades varied not just with e.g.wind speed and gen load but as the blades rotated past the shadow of the tower. Nuclear fusion, that's the answer! The so called Hydrogen Bomb is a very green weapon with no fallout, (apart from the fission stage trigger.) Cold fusion would be a dream.
  23. Dear Mr. Sid, I looked on the net and the Howden wind turbines at Altamont Pass still seem to be working OK.The reblading must have been a success! I know the original failures were caused by the studs arranged in a horseshoe configuration at the butt of the blade tearing out. These were tightened down to the hub using normal hydraulic stud pre-tensioning. They pulled out of the blade under centrifugal stress.
  24. Re blades.I don't have any figures for failure rates but the decision was taken to reblade all of the windfarm with these type of machines. A factory was set up in Southampton as the types of skills needed were available locally from making GRP boats.The blades were GRP and mahogany ply hand laid in moulds and cured under vacuum. The tips, which feathered for speed control,were made separately.
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