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Interesting aspect to this: the investigation and prosecution is being led by the FBI, and events will presumably pan out in US courts. Does this mean that the US is truly the world's policeman?


well somebody has to be and it might as well be someone on our side :)

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FIFA made the mistake of channelling some of their dirty money through US banks, then there's the Chuck Blazer affair.


Broadcast before the last World Cup, here's John Oliver on FIFA:




Sorry obs, just noticed your thread on this, thought it was one of your usual!

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It always amazes me that the US can extradite villains more or less at will but let any other country try & snatch a US citizen for criminal activity & the shutters are down.


I wonder if FIFA has a fast track link to the Euro gravy train if Giuseppe should catch a stray bullet ?

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BREAKING NEWS: US Police confirm that, when arrested, all seven FIFA officials threw themselves on the ground and pretended to be injured.


Heh, Beaky, I'm fully expecting old Joe to mount the "Ernest Saunders" defence line any time now.


Of course, he'll be fully recovered in time for his re-election.


Baz - I'm sure the men in black are preparing their case against yougov.com as we speak.


Like obs though, I'm not sure I want to put my faith in teh foreign spookies....

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